Nature's Australia & Food Safety


Food safety and confidence in our food. That is Nature’s Australia raison d’être. We have established several inspection standards for our products and the following symbols are placed on those products that pass the inspections.

Wild Harvest
Wild Harvest ™
The term “Wild Harvest ™” means that the product is not an agricultural product cultivated on a farm, that it is has been directly harvested from trees growing wild, free from any other intervention. This symbol is used only for produce that has grown in a completely natural environment, without any agricultural chemicals, herbicides, artificial fertilizers, or organic fertilizers – without being touched by human hands at all.

The harvest volume for Wild Harvest ™ is capped.

In a natural environment, it is extremely difficult to achieve harvest volumes on an agricultural scale. Consequently, the reality is that there has to be a limit to the amount of ‘Wild Harvest’ ™ product that can be provided to our clients in Japan. However in these times when we are questioning what food safety and reliability really means, it is quality rather than quantity and safety rather than cost that is most important for those involved with food. That is what we think at Nature’s Australia. ‘Wild Harvest’ is our proposal and it is also our challenge to ourselves.

No Animal Extract Used
No Animal Extract Used

The gelatin used in tablets and capsules, for example. Are you aware that products that use cattle bones and skin as their main raw material are very widespread? And there is no indication given of the country where these cattle are from. The only way to ensure that BSE and other hidden threats from animal products are eliminated is to not use any animal products at all. That has been our conclusion.